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24 minutes

Hairless Cock Slave LinLin 4k

Sub-servient LinLin's purpose in life is to milk cum from men's cocks. Big cocks, small cocks, fat men, old men ... it... read more

Thai Swinger 4K June 13, 2021

32 minutes

Short Time Pussycat 4k

This petite hooker wife is sitting in the beer bar selling her pussy to customers. Her Farang husband is frequently away so... read more

Thai Swinger 4K September 1, 2019

32 minutes

Thai Street Meet 4k

This tiny Thai hooker is street walking in the red-light area. She paces up and down in her sexy, shiny, short slut micro dress... read more

Thai Swinger 4K July 1, 2019

34 minutes

2 Thai Party Chicks For a Farang Cock 4k

Two cute Thai roommates are bored watching TV in their condo, so they begin to get maow. They get more and more loose as the... read more

Thai Swinger 4K April 1, 2019

34 minutes

Tiny Cheating Thai Hotwife 4k

A horny Farang spots a cute Thai wife and her husband having a coffee. When the husband uses the bathroom, the Farang chats up... read more

Thai Swinger 4K March 1, 2019

33 minutes

The Call Girl Thai Wife 4k

After wife's friend shows her the new Lacoste bag she bought, and then explains that she got the money fucking customers for... read more

Thai Swinger 4K February 1, 2019

32 minutes

Reluctant Cheat Homewrecker 4k

When the wife's hot Thai friend comes over to stay, the friend takes full advantage of the unfulfilled husband for her own... read more

Thai Swinger 4K January 1, 2019

34 minutes

Birthday Surprise For The Thai Wife

It is a birthday party! A Thai wife and her husband invite another couple over to celebrate. One of the wives fancies the other... read more

Thai Swinger HD December 1, 2018

32 minutes

Filipina Wife: Bound & Used Bareback

Multiple guys pull a bareback train on this Filipina hotwife! She loves being submissive, and is restrained and blindfolded.... read more

Thai Swinger HD November 1, 2018

33 minutes

Coffee Date Threesome

When a couple meet a bisexual female date at the Coffee Shop, a notorious meeting place for adult dating, the Thai wife gets to... read more

Thai Swinger HD October 1, 2018

33 minutes

Thai Wife Photoshoot

When a husband is looking to get some erotic nude photos of Thai his wife, he turns to a porn magazine photographer friend and... read more

Thai Swinger HD September 1, 2018

35 minutes

Thai Student + LB Sleepover

A Thai Ladyboy student dares her student room mate to show her the teacher's cock. Her friend decides to fuck the teacher when... read more

Thai Swinger HD August 1, 2018

34 minutes

Night Prowler For Thai Wife

A friend stays over. After the wife sees him taking a shower, she is very horny. First, she wakes up hubby and gives him a fuck... read more

Thai Swinger HD July 1, 2018

31 minutes

Cheating with a Thai Hooker

When a married businessman in Thailand sees a sexy Thai hooker in his hotel bar, he cannot resist the temptation and the wife... read more

Thai Swinger HD June 1, 2018

30 minutes

VIP Thai Massage

In Thailand there are countless massage parlors where the weary traveler can be pampered by beautiful young beautiful ladies,... read more

Thai Swinger HD May 1, 2018

32 minutes

Wet Fun For Songkran

When two buddies join in the fun at Songkran (Thai New Year water festival), they get into a water fight with a sexy Thai... read more

Thai Swinger HD April 1, 2018

31 minutes

Ladyboy Escort For Thai Wife

A bored Thai hotwife decides to cheat on her husband with a Ladyboy escort! No condom at all as the Ladyboy seeds the married... read more

Thai Swinger HD March 1, 2018

33 minutes

School's Out, Daddy's In

A powerful older Farang man picks up a Thai schoolgirl at the mall and creampies her sweet nubile pussy. After buying her an... read more

Thai Swinger HD February 1, 2018

30 minutes

Thai Freelance Wife

A Thai hotwife still works at night turning tricks for pocket money ... and pleasure! She doesn't like condoms and prefers... read more

Thai Swinger HD January 1, 2018

31 minutes

The Slutty Thai Wife

This slutty Thai wife gets off cheating on her husband with many Farangs. Of course she doesn't do it for free, everyone must... read more

Thai Swinger HD December 1, 2017

32 minutes

Ladyboy For A Couple, Cuckolding

An older Farang husband fulfills the married fantasy of seeing his Thai wife bred by a Ladyboy, but maybe gets more than he... read more

Thai Swinger HD November 1, 2017

34 minutes

Cheating Thai Wife on Webcam

A cheating Thai wife, with the prompting of her cuck husband, is bred by a hung stranger off the internet. She dresses up nice... read more

Thai Swinger HD October 1, 2017

34 minutes

Double Helping For a Thai Slutwife

Young Thai wife gives into the the desire of a cheating double penetration! She is a former bargirl who still craves the... read more

Thai Swinger HD September 1, 2017

39 minutes

Sleepover For a Cheating Thai Wife

A Farang's Thai wife affectionately plays with his best mate on a car ride. After hearing stories of the buddy, the wife has... read more

Thai Swinger HD August 1, 2017

34 minutes

Reluctant Cuckold to Thai Wife

In the hotel lobby the wife spots a handsome suitor and tells her husband to bring him over. The husband reluctantly does, and... read more

Thai Swinger HD July 1, 2017

34 minutes

Cheating Thai Bride

A lovely Thai Bride exchanges forever vows of matrimony with her new husband in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. However, after a... read more

Thai Swinger HD June 1, 2017

39 minutes

Tipsy Thai Party Girls

Our party starts with two horny Thai college girls, sitting outside and watching guys walk by. They're wearing their school... read more

Thai Swinger HD May 1, 2017

33 minutes

Close Thai Neighbor

Instead of going to work, a Farang husband kisses his loyal Thai wife goodbye then sneaks next door for all day sex with his... read more

Thai Swinger HD April 1, 2017

41 minutes

Bargirl For a Day

A Farang husband gives into his Thai wife's desire to help out at her old beer bar. She easily manipulates him, saying it's to... read more

Thai Swinger HD March 1, 2017

27 minutes

Helping Hand Thai Style

Two Thai girls are needed to satisfy a virile and hung Expat. The Thai girlfriend knows her Farang boyfriend is always horny,... read more

Thai Swinger HD February 15, 2017

22 minutes

Harem 2: Thai Slave Wife Insemination

Master makes his two Thai wives bareback hung bull. He loves to see their tight Thai pussies drilled deeply with cock as they... read more

Thai Swinger HD February 1, 2017

22 minutes

After Class Thai Bareback Breeding

Thai students dress sexy tight blouse and miniskirt universe to seduce her older white teacher. She's turned on by his... read more

Thai Swinger HD January 1, 2017

22 minutes

Santa's Thai Treat Bareback

A Farang husband on a business trip to Thailand gets a special Christmas gift of wet Thai milf pussy. It's Christmas eve and... read more

Thai Swinger HD December 1, 2016

18 minutes

Thai Air Hostess

This cute Air hostess has just arrived back in Thailand after flight. She's frustrated as can be since her ride is late. An... read more

Thai Swinger HD November 1, 2016

24 minutes

The Blindfolded Thai Wife

This bored Thai housewife looking for some excitement. Her cuckold husband has always wanted to see her fucked by another man.... read more

Thai Swinger HD October 15, 2016

34 minutes

Cuckold to Thai Wife

A wimpy Farang husband has no choice when his Thai wife tells him she is going out to get fucked by a real man. Like a good... read more

Thai Swinger HD October 1, 2016

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Two Week Millionaire is a unique collection of content made by sex tourists while on holiday in Thailand! Live through the eyes of a two-week-millionaire on holiday, see the action and watch the stories unfold as each episode captures a day of their trip. From island and beach fun, movie/dinner dates to barhopping around town and dancing in late night discos. Real amateur style content shot in either 4K or HD.

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21 minutes

Smiley Braces Deep & Sweaty Creampie 4K

Lily is absolutely adorable as she feasts on an older Farang's cock and rides cowgirl until the guy explodes inside her warm... read more

Lily Koh September 26, 2023

49 minutes

Trip 10 - Day #2 Mall Day & Bare Tittyfuck with Hana 4K

Two Week Millionaire Trip 10 day 2 with Hana. Day two with the lovely bargirl Hana. She was so pleasant and great in the sack... read more

Two Week Millionaire October 2, 2023

31 minutes

Oiled Belly & Panties Bareback

Pregnant Pat episode 8. Pat is feeling horny deep into her pregnancy. Pat oils up her pregnant tummy while wearing sexy white... read more

Pregnant Pat October 7, 2023

68 minutes

PornoTravel Monthly Ep. 070 - Waterpark Day & Creampie 4K

European Asian couple. We travel the world while making porn. This is episode number 70. This time we went to play in the water... read more

Porno Travel October 12, 2023

20 minutes

Scissoring Thai Hotwives Rimming 69 Seduction 4K

It's a secret rendezvous with my hot Thai girlfriend Anda. I long for her kisses and sweetly scented body. She's small like me... read more

Joon Mali October 18, 2023

34 minutes

Face Down Ass Up Bargirl HJ Finish 4K

Bargirl POV episode 75 with Ja. Fun and games with playful bargirl Ja. Ja loves to play drinking games with her customers and... read more

Bargirl POV October 22, 2023

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